Monday, July 13, 2009

Curves by La Poesia

My curves
Unlike anyone else’s curves
no curves are alike
My curves, not the most talked about
Of every female
My curves include the slow arch of my brow
To the procession of prints on my fingers
The transition of tint in the bends of my lips
My curves are the whirlwind swirls of my earlobes
And the veracious “V? of my collar bone
My curves go deeper
Than the supple skin that covers me
I am composed of curves
Circling, sinking, diving, rising
Waves of beautiful cells
Made by God, in their own category
So cannot be compared
My curves make me, shape me
Mold my many muscles
Into their rightful place
My curves comprise the simply sloped calves of my legs
The high hills of my hips, small of my back
My mighty mountains and valleys
My curves are all of me
I don’t have choice parts
All of me is beautiful
Bonifide Bodacious
Pretty Precious and Precocious
Confident and charismatic
So there’s no reason to dwindle
Or simply slim to nothing
Because God made me
My Lovely Lord and Sanctified Savior
Saves my Soul from Sun up to Sun down
Made me to be
And never had a problem with me
or my curves

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